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December Theory

2009-04-01 17:04:18 by xn

Download. (You will need WinRAR or 7zip to extract)

Now, this album is really quite different compared to past albums. It has a very real and very twisted side to a few tracks and while you're listening you'll notice them. I included lyrics to "Schizoaffective" for those of you who like to know what a song says. Read the .nfo inside the archieve. It has a little back-story to December Theory and why it's so much darker than previous releases.

Off subject, I'm starting a new music project dedicated to releasing negative emotions into songs. Now, some of you may be thinking.. "Oh fuck, more of this emo shit". Wrong. Instead of doing something I'd regret, I've been turning to making music when I'm feeling depressed or angry. So. This new project is titled 'Falcore Autumn' and I've already set up a Last.fm page for the music. You can find it by clicking here. Anyways, I hope you enjoy December Theory and as always, I would love your feedback and thoughts on it all.


December Theory

Sphere released!

2009-03-20 01:16:53 by xn

Ah, shit. I'm late on this. I've been having issues with a lot of hardware lately and other personal issues as well. Sphere has been released. For those of you who's commented via Email and Messenger, thanks for your opinions and critique. As some of you know and as some of you don't know.. I found an old old album I was working on years ago during a period in my life when shit hit the fan. I've been rebuilding off of it and remastering certain bits. Hoorah! This new/old album is titled 'December Theory' and will be released next month sometime. Keep a look out for that. I'll try to upload some new tunes tonight if my connection doesn't shit all over everything. Thanks for everyone's interest so far. It's a huge motivation booster.

Sphere - Download now! (You will need WinRAR or 7zip to extract)
December Theory - Album art

Oh, before I get out of here. I've set up a web shop in which you can donate to receive free CD's of my music. Sphere is added up there as well as the other albums. By donating, you do not donate for a album but rather for new equipment and such things. The album is just a free gift from me to you for being so bad ass. You can find that link here

Ah fuck, one more thing. There's a new URL for the site. It's shorter and more spiffy. http://www.afinaldate.co.cc

Take it easy guys!

New album in the works

2009-03-13 19:43:14 by xn

The first track to this new album will be released tonight under a podcast. I'll link to the podcast when it's released tonight but for now I would like to share with you some cover art I made for this upcoming album titled 'Sphere'.

On a side note before I get out of here, Last.FM seems to be a frequent area for music of mine and you can also download mine from there. I've added a link below.

AFinalDate @ Last.FM

New album in the works

Added two new songs

2009-03-13 16:48:52 by xn

I kind of forgot about Newgrounds until I was adding links to my blog and remembered that I had uploaded music here as well as watched tons of flash animations. Anyways, I added two new songs which you can find in the Audio Portal.

MySQL: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /220608
PHP Addict: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /220607

Or you can.. you know, just click above this post for the songs. Whatever works, I don't care. I have a brand new song coming out tonight that will go on a podcast release. I'll put it up here tomorrow when I can upload another track. In the mean time you will be able to download it from my blog. I'll put a link up and such. You can find my blog to the left under my ugly ass picture.

When you get there, you'll see four links under the splash and be like.. "wtf? which one is it?" Click ELEMENTS. Thar, done. Oh. Apparently last night when I was half-asleep I made new cover art for The 8bit Story. I've added it below.

Added two new songs

Insomnia, bad trips and withdrawals

2009-03-01 01:43:54 by xn

Hey guys! I'm back from Texas. I can't say I'm happy to be home but none the less I am. I've got a few surprises for you. First off, I added two new tracks from the album "Embrace". You can find them either below or on the audio portal. Be sure to rate and review when possible.

Second, I'm working on the blog again. I'll be adding tons of new fun stuff thar. Other than that, I'll be busy here this week. I'm going job hunting and making plans to move to Texas. Right now however, I cannot sleep. I'm tripping off Salvia, 40x and oh good God. I picked the wrong night to do this. Oh, I have to quit smoking, again. That's always fun. I'm dealing with nicotine withdrawals now. Fuckkk.

Oh hey, I dyed my hair green. Check it out.

Insomnia, bad trips and withdrawals

Greetings from Texas

2009-02-19 01:41:41 by xn

Hey guys, thanks for your review,comments and ratings on the music. Sadly I'm in San Antonio, Texas currently so I'm unable to really upload any new songs at the moment unless I can somehow remember my password to remotely access my computer from here but I don't think that is happening anytime soon.

I have a lot of new ideas for songs for new releases but as I said, I'm in Texas so I'm kind of unable to produce anything new. I'm going to revamp the website when I get back (EST. Feb 28th) and re-add all the songs, information, goodies and the like. If you are to visit now there is only a WebOS present so there's nothing to do.

I'll remind myself to check back here often to upload new songs and whatever else. For now, though, you can view/listen/download all new and old music at: AFinalDate @ Last.FM

Myspace: CaffeineSundae (Personal)

The 8bit Story

2009-01-06 10:44:38 by xn

Hey guess what? I've been working on a new project titled "The 8bit Story" and it features the SID (sound input device) and the classic Commodore 64. I have released the first album which consists of 6 songs and Part 2 is well under way with another 6 songs and more to come.

It would be really badass if anyone was to use the music in a flash animation so I decided to upload here but apparently.. you can only upload 2 songs per day. I'm waiting for those to be accepted and once they are, go check them out. There's one from each album so you can get a taste of both.

I most likely wont be updating this area too often but I will be updating the website, which you can find to your left, so mosey on over there and check it out!

New blog

2008-07-07 19:27:42 by xn

I've changed locations. Please view my newest blog to the left. AFinalDate.


2008-07-02 23:49:38 by xn

Okay, so. I figured since I can't do anything in flash and don't really have the time to, I'm going to contribute another way to the community. I've noticed a lot of people without avatars. So. I'll make you a avatar, header and all around other page things for your personal profile. I can even do signatures.

If you'd like to see whether I can do a better job than you in graphics, take a look at my dA website. It's on the left. I think I'm going to frequent this a lot more and really get into the forums more. Anyways. Just simply reply to this. I rarely check my inbox.

Okay, so

2008-07-02 20:35:24 by xn

Yeah. I lied. I updated sooner. Bite me. Uhm. Yes, the avatar and user picture is me.. Photoshopped ftw. :3