Falcore Autumn

2009-04-12 07:30:52 by xn

As I mentioned in the previous post; I started a new music project. This one is called Falcore Autumn and will be the successor of AFinalDate. FA supports more chiptune based styles and some more dark styled chiptunes and digital sounds.

I'll go ahead and upload what I've made so far. Some are unfinished and others are completed. I noticed December Theory got some shitty rates but that's mostly due to everyones lack of understanding on the EP. That's fine though. It was created mainly to get out some unwanted feelings.

I hope you guys like the new tracks and please, rate fairly and review them if you like 'em. Be sure to check out the newly established websites below.

Myspace: Falcore Autumn
Official: Falcore Autumn & AFinalDate

While I'm at it. Jamez Hamst3r of The Hamster Alliance featured my song 'Rad' which can be found on the Sphere EP on his podcast Submersible Hamster. Check it out here.

Again, thanks for everyones continued support.

P.S. -- My commodore 64 fried. I'm in the market to purchase a new one. Contact me if you are selling or know someone who is. Serious inquiries only please, thanks.

Falcore Autumn


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