Purge Humanity For Him

2009-06-10 03:14:14 by xn

I'm back fuckers. Been working on a new project for the past few months. Before I closed AFinalDate I put up a new domain and site. Purge Humanity For Him is a ambient/industrial sound scape that delivers a story-line in a album. I'm uploading two tracks from it. You can find the album download below.


A man who above all others seeks to build a machine to purge humans of their souls.
This man has the will to create the perfect army. The perfect slave. One who always obeys.
Using this machine a husk is produced and the soul discarded into the depths of emptiness.
This soulless husk was once Human. It once contained the purest form of mankind. Humanity.

With this machine, he turned these men, women and children into the perfect disposable source
of perfection. However, with all dark desires and selfish acts of greed and power. It ends.
This man, he had a choice. He chose to sell his soul to Satan himself in return for his ultimate
desire. More. Power.

"I feel numb, as if I weren't here. Not pain, nor sorrow - just sheer emptiness. My life.. is hollow" the man said.

1. Transmission (1:02)
2. Choice (8:27)
3. Him (3:31)
4. Hope (2:33)
5. Soul Empire (2:16)
6. Price (8:09)


Purge Humanity For Him


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2009-06-10 03:17:31

TLDR but let the purging begin. :D

xn responds:

The purge began on 6.6.09 :D Look for a designated overlook station and sign your soul over to Him and let the war begin.