Entry #21

New project

2009-08-02 21:26:11 by xn

I'm down here in San Antonio, TX until tomorrow afternoon. I'll be flying back to Indianapolis, IN and starting up a new small business which will deal with teaching people how to use a computer. Believe it or not but most people suck at using computers. I'll be teaching basics such as installation/uninstallation, typing, malware tips, etc. Anyways, that's not what this post is about.

Escape Into The Twilight is a experimental and ambient project. It's under the Indie netlabel Dream Gate Studios which is my newly formed label. Family Guy is totally distracting me. :o BYE!


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2009-10-16 12:56:55

Seriously, don't rip off other people's music. Skrypnyk is aware of your plagiarism now.