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New project

2009-08-02 21:26:11 by xn

I'm down here in San Antonio, TX until tomorrow afternoon. I'll be flying back to Indianapolis, IN and starting up a new small business which will deal with teaching people how to use a computer. Believe it or not but most people suck at using computers. I'll be teaching basics such as installation/uninstallation, typing, malware tips, etc. Anyways, that's not what this post is about.

Escape Into The Twilight is a experimental and ambient project. It's under the Indie netlabel Dream Gate Studios which is my newly formed label. Family Guy is totally distracting me. :o BYE!

New site design and music distribution

2009-06-11 23:53:31 by xn

Alright guys. I put a new site up tonight. It's filled with content and information. All such things you expect a website to have. I've gone with a new method of releasing my music. I'll still upload a few tracks here when new songs are made but for the most part you will have to use LegalTorrents.com. They allow the content creator to upload the files to their site and they use their servers to seed the content. Fast connections all the time with BitTorrent distribution.

You can find what I have uploaded currently here. Thanks for everyones support and I hope to keep on making tracks for you guys. :) It's been a blast so far.

P.S. - Thanks for the low ratings. Assholes.

Purge Humanity For Him

2009-06-10 03:14:14 by xn

I'm back fuckers. Been working on a new project for the past few months. Before I closed AFinalDate I put up a new domain and site. Purge Humanity For Him is a ambient/industrial sound scape that delivers a story-line in a album. I'm uploading two tracks from it. You can find the album download below.


A man who above all others seeks to build a machine to purge humans of their souls.
This man has the will to create the perfect army. The perfect slave. One who always obeys.
Using this machine a husk is produced and the soul discarded into the depths of emptiness.
This soulless husk was once Human. It once contained the purest form of mankind. Humanity.

With this machine, he turned these men, women and children into the perfect disposable source
of perfection. However, with all dark desires and selfish acts of greed and power. It ends.
This man, he had a choice. He chose to sell his soul to Satan himself in return for his ultimate
desire. More. Power.

"I feel numb, as if I weren't here. Not pain, nor sorrow - just sheer emptiness. My life.. is hollow" the man said.

1. Transmission (1:02)
2. Choice (8:27)
3. Him (3:31)
4. Hope (2:33)
5. Soul Empire (2:16)
6. Price (8:09)


Purge Humanity For Him

5.22.09 - Until next time

2009-05-12 21:15:58 by xn

I've closed the site. I'm no longer going to make music. Not to be released online, that is. You can still download the albums and shit. I'm not deleting any of the data. I'll keep the site active and online but it wont be updated.

Thanks to all of those on Newgrounds who supported my shit. You guys made my days, really, I mean that.

Much love,



Ascension wallpaper..
http://afinaldate.exofire.net/music/fa /Ascension-1280x1024.7z
http://afinaldate.exofire.net/music/fa /Ascension-1024x768.7z

AFinalDate wallpaper..
http://afinaldate.exofire.net/music/AF D-1600x1200.7z
http://afinaldate.exofire.net/music/AF D-1280x1024.7z
http://afinaldate.exofire.net/music/AF D-1280x960.7z
http://afinaldate.exofire.net/music/AF D-1024x768.7z

In the Eye of wallpaper..
http://afinaldate.exofire.net/visual/6 609-1600.7z
http://afinaldate.exofire.net/visual/6 609-1280.7z
http://afinaldate.exofire.net/visual/6 609-1024.7z

Even Heroes Dream wallpaper..
http://afinaldate.exofire.net/music/fa /ehd/EHD-1600x1200.7z
http://afinaldate.exofire.net/music/fa /ehd/EHD-1280x960.7z
http://afinaldate.exofire.net/music/fa /ehd/EHD-1024x768.7z

Star Trek (Possible spoilers!)

2009-05-10 04:51:35 by xn

Well, I just got done watching Star Trek. Instead of a huge post; let me make it short. The movie is amazing. I'm a huge fan of the classic Star Trek and I thought they did this movie amazingly well. I couldn't stop watching it. I had to replay some parts over and over just because it's so epic. Let's not forget Leonard Nimoy makes the appearance of 'Spock Prime'

Long story short. I suggest paying the $8.50 and watching it in the theatre. I'm going tomorrow to watch it again.

I'm working on a Star Trek song. Keep watch for it.

Star Trek (Possible spoilers!)

Needing a vocalist

2009-05-09 05:21:41 by xn

I'm in need of a vocalist who can perform deep, clear and screaming vocals for an upcoming song. Send me a PM if you're interested.

By the way, added a new track - Into The Eye of - Check it out when you have time.

It's raining really hard.

2009-05-08 03:42:40 by xn

So. It's raining. There's a pretty big storm cell over Indiana right now. Nothing serious. Just bits of thunder and pouring rain. I launched version 17 of the site. It's Xhtml compliant and the CSS is validated. Version 2.01 for the CSS. I'm more happy with it then I am the previous version. Go check it out if you want. I removed the December Theory album since it's pretty crappy in quality and not something anyone really understood. I guess it was more of a filler than anything.

I'm appreciating all the reviews and ratings on the newly uploaded tracks. It's pretty neat to sign on and see some good feedback. So, thanks for that. I'm working on some new tracks. I'm planning on recording some vocals someday here soon. Ever since 'project 13' I haven't been able to sing worth a shit so I'll probably see if I can find a friend to do some for me. I'll let you know on that when I find something out.


Check out the guys over at Heroic Saviors. Click here.


2009-05-05 19:18:42 by xn

Tuesdays are always fucking boring. I hate the beginning of the week. Here's some really shitty "art" for Day Dream Generations exclusive release on NG. It looks like a 3 year old made it. Whatever. Enjoy.


A few people PM'd me asking why some files in Even Heroes Dream are in .ogg Vorbis format. Simple. .ogg is superior to .mp3 and it's not "FLAC". I was going to make every file .ogg but I really didn't get around to it and didn't bother. I suppose new releases will be in .ogg

(I loathe FLAC and FLAC listeners with a passion. They are all fucking idiots who think they can somehow tell a difference.)


Even Heroes Dream

2009-05-04 18:24:49 by xn

I'm really far behind on updating this. BOOST was released quite some time ago and I've been working on a new album which is now finished and available for download. The three current Falcore Autumn EPs can be found..

http://afinaldate.exofire.net/music/fa /FA-Suicide.7z
http://afinaldate.exofire.net/music/fa /FA-BOOST.7z
http://afinaldate.exofire.net/music/fa /FA-EvenHeroesDream.7z

New wallpaper for the newest album Even Heroes Dream..

http://afinaldate.exofire.net/music/fa /ehd/EHD-1600x1200.7z
http://afinaldate.exofire.net/music/fa /ehd/EHD-1280x960.7z
http://afinaldate.exofire.net/music/fa /ehd/EHD-1024x768.7z

As for my music on the alias AFinalDate; you can goto the official website and grab those EPs, here.

I'll upload two new tracks from 'Even Heroes Dream' to here.

Enjoy :)

Falcore Autumn

2009-04-12 07:30:52 by xn

As I mentioned in the previous post; I started a new music project. This one is called Falcore Autumn and will be the successor of AFinalDate. FA supports more chiptune based styles and some more dark styled chiptunes and digital sounds.

I'll go ahead and upload what I've made so far. Some are unfinished and others are completed. I noticed December Theory got some shitty rates but that's mostly due to everyones lack of understanding on the EP. That's fine though. It was created mainly to get out some unwanted feelings.

I hope you guys like the new tracks and please, rate fairly and review them if you like 'em. Be sure to check out the newly established websites below.

Myspace: Falcore Autumn
Official: Falcore Autumn & AFinalDate

While I'm at it. Jamez Hamst3r of The Hamster Alliance featured my song 'Rad' which can be found on the Sphere EP on his podcast Submersible Hamster. Check it out here.

Again, thanks for everyones continued support.

P.S. -- My commodore 64 fried. I'm in the market to purchase a new one. Contact me if you are selling or know someone who is. Serious inquiries only please, thanks.

Falcore Autumn